The Maria Falco Memorial Trust


The moment a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer can be devastating. But for most, there is life after diagnosis. Four very brave ladies, who have fought cancer and won, have shared their stories with us.

Thanks to our fundraising, the Maria Falco Trust has been able to help hundreds of women take part in clinical trials, giving them access to the latest advances in cancer treatment.

Each woman describes how she found a lump and was referred to the breast screening unit at St Margaret’s hospital in Epping.

Because of the fundraising work of the Maria Falco Trust and the clinical trials it helps fund, each of the four women in our video was given access to groundbreaking drug treatments. The drugs worked by shrinking the cancer and making “lumpectomy” operations possible, meaning that these women didn’t lose their breasts to cancer.

All these women are now living cancer free. They all point to the sense of the community, support from other patients and the life-long friends they have made as the good things that came out of their experience with cancer.

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