The Maria Falco Memorial Trust

Where the funds go

The Trust raises money for clinical trials run by the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Breast Diseases specialist, Ashraf Patel explains:

The Maria Falco Trust works extremely hard to keep its administrative costs to a minimum, so donated money goes towards making a real difference.

We rely on a committed team of volunteer fundraisers and trustees to keep the Trust on track and the money coming in.

So far, the Trust has raised £1.25million in eight years. The money we raise goes into the Princess Alexandra Charitable trust, which funds breast cancer services at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow and St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping.


It has helped to pay for three full time nurses at the Princess Alexandra Hospital breast screening unit. It costs £250,000 each year to run the clinical trials. The money we raise helps these trials to continue.

Studies show that patients treated in units with clinical trials do better. This alone seems a good enough reason to continue the trials. But the trials also have real treatment outcomes. Herceptin, one of the most widely used breast cancer treatment drugs, was trialled at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

As well as the clinical trials, money raised by the Maria Falco Trust has helped fund a Family History Clinic, Bone Health Clinic, the Fabulous and Beautiful (FaB) programme and a Reflexology Clinic.

About the Princess Alexandra Hospital Breast Unit.

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